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National eating disorder non-profit organization. Treatment referral, support groups, conferences, education, statistics and events.

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Eating Disorders Support Group. Eating disorders are marked by an obsessive need to control the intake and/or purging of food. This community is dedicated to those

I am an eating disorder psychotherapist who had an eating disorder when I was a teen and even into my adulthood. Luckily another eating disorder therapist

Binge-eating disorder is the most common eating disorder in the U.S. Symptoms include: Individual, group, and/or family psychotherapy; Medical care and monitoring;

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Eating disorders — Overview of symptoms, complications and treatment of disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder and pica.

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The Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria (EDV) is the primary source of support, information, community education and advocacy for people with eating disorders and

Online Eating Disorder The NEDA Support Groups have now become the Center Please let anyone who asks know that you are there for the support group with

The Eating Disorder Support Group is here for anyone looking for support in dealing with an Eating Disorder. You can join the Eating Disorder Support Groups here for

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Classification. Bulimia nervosa is a disorder characterized by binge eating and purging, as well as excessive evaluation of one’s self-worth in terms of body weight

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, Are you trying to seek out a support group as a first step or to maintain your recovery?

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